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Moroccan Tabletop LampMoroccan Tabletop Lamp
Inspired by the haunting beauty of traditional Moroccan metalwork lamps, this free-standing miniature version casts an ever-changing dance of light and shadow wherever it is placed. Adds an enticing d...
Categories: Lamps, Lanterns, Moroccan Lanterns, Candle Lanterns
Thatch Roof Bird HouseThatch Roof Bird House
A cute cottage with a 2 1/8" x 2 7/8" door, this delightful birdhouse with thatch roof, chimney and flower boxes will be a welcome addition to many different birds in your garden.
Categories: , Bird Houses
Amber Moroccan Candle LanternAmber Moroccan Candle Lantern
Sunset orange adds lovely color to this pressed glass and metalwork candle lantern. A dramatic display of light and shadow that enhances any living space! Weight 0.8 lb. UPC# 817216010293. Candle not ...
Categories: New Arrivals, Lanterns
Green Glass Moroccan LanternGreen Glass Moroccan Lantern
A halo of emerald green casts a serene glow, as intricate cutouts cast a net of starlight into the tranquil dark. An enchanting play of shadow and motion! Weight 0.8 lb. Candle not included.
Categories: New Arrivals, Lanterns, Moroccan Lanterns
Moroccan Style Cutout LanternMoroccan Style Cutout Lantern
Candlelight can be adventurous when you light the wick of your favorite candle inside this Bold Moroccan Lantern. The multitude of intricate cutout patterns turns the light from a single flame into a ...
Categories: New Arrivals, Lanterns, Moroccan Lanterns
Snow Holiday Gift BoxesSnow Holiday Gift Boxes
Let it snow! Dress up your holiday mantel with this sweet set of festive gift boxes that will give you the gift of bright smiles all season long. A happy snowman sits atop the "S" of these green and r...
Categories: New Arrivals, Christmas, Snowmen
Large Eclipse Candle LanternLarge Eclipse Candle Lantern
A monument to great design, this beautiful candle lantern will enhance the pillar candle of your choice. The antiqued pewter-like finish and the circular and intricate cutouts that adorn the top and s...
Categories: New Arrivals, Lanterns, Candle Lanterns
Free Standing Gazebo BirdhouseFree Standing Gazebo Birdhouse
What bird can resist this romantic gazebo birdhouse? Its weathered white finish, scalloped roof shingles, and delicate window boxes filled with faux flowers make this pavilion a lovely place for your ...
Categories: New Arrivals, Bird Houses
White Lace Design Candle LampWhite Lace Design Candle Lamp
The intricate design of this curvy candle lantern makes a beautiful play of light and shadow when a candle is lit inside. The rounded top is accented by an intriguing square handle, and the entire pie...
Categories: New Arrivals, Lanterns, Candle Lanterns, White Lanterns
Quaint Cottage BirdhouseQuaint Cottage Birdhouse
Hereís a delightful cottage home for your fine feathered friends! The Quaint Cottage birdhouse is covered in charming details, including window boxes full of tiny faux flowers, a mossy roof, and creep...
Categories: New Arrivals, Bird Houses
Happy Home BirdhouseHappy Home Birdhouse
Bright and cheery, just like the song of the lucky bird that gets to call this sweet house home! A perfect complement to your yard, this charming birdhouse features tiny window boxes bursting with tin...
Categories: New Arrivals, Bird Houses
Bubbling Up Candle LanternBubbling Up Candle Lantern
Put a candle of your choice inside this effervescent candle lantern and enjoy the bubbly atmosphere it creates. This dark metal lanternís design pattern features circles of various sizes that make an ...
Categories: New Arrivals, Lanterns, Candle Lanterns
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