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Large Black Colonial LanternLarge Black Colonial Lantern
This lantern throws out a star pattern display from the top with it's multiple star pattern cutouts. Metal cup holds tealight or votive candle less than 1 3/4" diameter. Two panel door has a 3 1/2" x ...
Categories: Lanterns, Black Lanterns, Metal Lanterns
Tabletop Zen Garden KitTabletop Zen Garden Kit
Enjoy your own private Zen garden, even if you’re short on space! Nifty tabletop box contains every essential - sand, rocks, candleholder and rake— to create a serenely scenic escape from the everyday...
Categories: New Arrivals, Asian Decor
Silver Scrollwork Candle LanternSilver Scrollwork Candle Lantern
Gleaming silver finish and graceful scrollwork lend old-fashioned opulence to a classic candle lantern. An elegant decoration to enjoy, night and day! Also makes an artistic display for your favorite ...
Categories: New Arrivals, Lanterns, Home Decor
Ivory White Moroccan Style LanternIvory White Moroccan Style Lantern
Creamy white sparks up the night, adding fresh appeal to the traditional Moroccan candle lantern. Clear glass panels showcase a candle’s dancing glow, for a total look of elegant romance and understat...
Categories: New Arrivals, Lanterns
Small Ivory White Victorian LanternSmall Ivory White Victorian Lantern
Imagine your tranquil garden at sunset, with elegant lanterns filled with twinkling light. Whether placed alone, or grouped with others, this lamp adds a magical ambiance to any evening! Weight 0.8 lb...
Categories: New Arrivals, Lanterns
Blue Glass Moroccan Style Candle LanternBlue Glass Moroccan Style Candle Lantern
This item has now been replaced with item 23725. Please type item 23725 into the search box above.
Categories: New Arrivals, Lanterns
Medium Victorian LanternMedium Victorian Lantern
A lovely decoration with a historical feel, this lantern brings to mind the candlelit ballrooms of Victorian times. A faultless addition to any classic decorating scheme! Weight 1.2 lbs. Candle not in...
Categories: New Arrivals, Lanterns
Charming Owl Oil WarmerCharming Owl Oil Warmer
This little owl sculpture does more than just look great on your tabletop! Fill the top basin with the scented oil of your choice and place a tealight candle in the base to send soothing fragrance thr...
Categories: New Arrivals, Oil Warmers, Owls
Black Rays Oil WarmerBlack Rays Oil Warmer
Black metal rays climb upward, holding a stylized glass basin and creating a functional sculpture. Add the scented oil of your choice in the basin and insert a tealight candle in the base to wrap your...
Categories: New Arrivals, Oil Warmers
White Tear Drop Oil WarmerWhite Tear Drop Oil Warmer
With a generous dollop of charm, this striking oil warmer will mesmerize you with its simple elegance. A metal loop balances the ceramic oil basin above a seated tealight to give off a warm glow and d...
Categories: New Arrivals, Oil Warmers
Modern Art Oil WarmerModern Art Oil Warmer
Fascinating swirls of gleaming sculpted silver come together in a masterpiece of modern art, supporting a sleek glass dish above a candle’s golden flame. More than just a theatrical decoration, this s...
Categories: New Arrivals, Oil Warmers
Spiral Oil WarmerSpiral Oil Warmer
A graceful spiral base supports a clear glass oil dish, along with a warming tealight below. Just add a few drops of fragrant oil for a gently scented glow! Candle and oil not included.
Categories: New Arrivals, Oil Warmers
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